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Altered Ego out today!

Here we are: SXOKONDO absolute beast of an album is out now! Available on vinyl, cd digipack, tape & digital. Order right HERE! Nice bundles with band merch are still available as well. Don’t sleep on it!

You can stream « Altered Ego » on all digital platforms, just click HERE. You can also pay a visiti to the band’s BANDCAMP to stream/download it, don’t be shy!

On this first album, their ferocious & vicious HxC is intoxicating just as masterpieces of this kind always are! Relentless, chaotic, agressive & pummeling in mysterious ways, this band has it all! You don’t want to miss this, let me tell you! If you’re into bands that merge chaotic HxC, metal & crust, this is just what you need! FFO: Cursed, Rise & Fall, Converge & Botch.

Release parties tonight & tomorrow, in Neuchâtel & Bulle, don’t miss them.


SXOKONDO – New album to come & 1st single released

HxC metal mongers SXOKONDO are on the verge to release their first full-length « Altered Ego ».

This monster of an album will be released on VINYL/DIGIPACK CD/CASSETTE TAPE on October the 28th.

Preorders are now open, nice bundles are available, just go THERE.

A first single has been released, you can watch the video :

You can aslo stream the song on all digital platforms HERE.

More news soon!

Stay tuned.


After 6 long years of total silence, metal/hardcore/noise masters KEHLVIN are back with a brand new album coming this fall!

Called HOLISTIC DREAMS, this new masterpiece shows a band in perpetual evolution but never denying its roots. Post-metal, experimental hardcore, noise rock hints, strange grooves, breathtaking melodies, everything Kehlvin is well known for is present, but with an additionnal maturity that makes this new offering the best performance from this mythical Swiss band!

The album has been recorded in the band newly built own studio and then mixed and mastered by Raphael Bovey (Impure Wilhelmina, Nostromo, Kruger…) at MyRoom studio. A first single video clip, made by Charles Cavalier, is already available. WATCH IT!

You can already preorder the album, which will be released on September the 24th.

Limited milky white vinyl with black marble. Regular black vinyl. Digipack cd. Just go THERE.

Here is the tracklisting:

1. The Impossibility of Progress
2. The Walking Clay
3. Causation Failure
4. Electric Monks
5. Gently Thinking
6. Dirk, my boy
7. Flash Backward

Stay safe.

VANISHING POINT : Tracklist & cover revealed

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Today we lift the veil on DIRGE’s posthumous compiltaion VANISHING POINT’s complete tracklist, as well as on its rusty cover (christened « Ouverture » and crafted back in 2004, once again by long-time collaborator Axël Kriloff).


CD1 • Rare & Unreleased


► Taken from the ”Mind Time Control” demo tape

S.N.T.D.F. • 1996

► Taken from the ”Dead Network Access” demo tape

BASTARD • 1998

► Unreleased demo

EAST • 2000

► Unreleased


► Taken from the ”Falling Down” compilation


► Unreleased – ”Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas” outtake


► The Cure cover, taken from the Feardrop’s ”Lágrimas De Miedo 14” compilation


► Taken from the ”Elysian Magnetic Fields” 2LP version


CD2 • Rare & Unreleased


► taken from the Picore’s ”Assyrian Vertigo” remix CD


► Unreleased re-recording

ABSENCE • 2014

► Taken from the ”Hyperion” 2LP version


► Taken from the ”Hyperion” 2LP version

À REBOURS • 2014

► Unreleased – ”Hyperion” outtake


► Unreleased remix


► Unreleased – ”Lost Empyrean” outtake


► Exclusive remix


► Exclusive remix


CD3 • Spiraling Skywards – Live 2005


► Unreleased live recording (captured at La Boule Noire, Paris)


► Unreleased live recording (captured at La Boule Noire, Paris)



The 3CD set compilation (limited to 300 copies, out on Blight Records/Division Records) and its digital counterpart shall be available on Friday, March 26th.

Preorders shall be launched on March 3rd.

Stay tuned.

Happy release day to DIVA!

Hi dear Music Lovers!

3 years after the release of its first album, Swiss trip-hop duet DIVA is back with its somophore album called « AiR ». It’s now out everywhere and available as a gorgeous limited galaxy red vinyl with black marble  & as a regular black vinyl!

Blending 90s inspired R’n’B with Bristolian Trip-Hop & a large dose of Post-Rock madness, this new album displays an entirely new side of this promising band! It’s fresh, personal and it never forgets to be gloomy as well. Oh Beautiful darkness, there you are!

Order the vinyl editions on our SHOP

The album is also available for free download HERE

It can be streamed on every digital platform by following this LINK

Visit the band’s WEBSITE


Follow their YOUTUBE channel.

Like them, follow them, they’re soooooo great!


It’s our last release for this unholy year 2020. Be safe, Buy music. Take care. Listen to vinyl.

Grind/Black Metal outfit ICARE joins Division Records!

Last release for this year will take the form of the most punishing album we’ve ever released!

Ladies & Gentlemen, please  welcome ICARE and their grind/black metal from outer space!

This young Swiss band exists only since 2016, but has already recorded two full-lengths. The first one, called «KHAOS» is a face-melting experience in a universe that fuses with no shame the furious pummeling of grindcore with the deviant & more melodic aspects of black metal. And let me tell you that it’s incredibly good!

«KHAOS» will be released on October 30th as an ultra limited deluxe tape. 52 pieces worldwide. hand numbered. Each tape (you’ll know more about the packaging when we’ll be able to show you some pictures, but, it is simply gorgeous) will come with a human tooth. Yeah, that’s it. HUMAN. TOOTH.

A first song from the « grind side » of this devastating 1st album is already available, so go for it:

This incredible album will be celebrated on stage, the very day of its release, at La Case-à-Chocs, in Neuchâtel, with label mates form RORCAL & black metal warriors SERPENS LUMINIS. Do not miss that show! We’ll of course be here with our whole merch!

Preorder will be available soon!

« This album realizes the gradual transformation of a furious grindcore into a more mystical black metal that would prove to be as dark as it is inhabited. «KHAOS» thus unfolds like an initiatory journey on the paths of the most extreme and demanding music. After a volley of short and rabid tracks, the album subtly evolves into much longer formats, plays with moods and finally turns into a vortex of emotions mingling frank terror, ecstatic beauty and utter devastation. »

We’ll give more news about ICARE second album in the coming months!

Meawhile, you can say hello to the band on FACEBOOK.

dIVA to release new album next November

We’ve been really quiet since our last release, but we do have some exciting news to share with you!

We’ll release two brand new albums before the end of this shitty year, isn’t that fantastic?

The first one to be revealed is dIVA second album « AiR » which will be out on November the 27th in the form of a gorgeous vinyl! A transparent red vinyl with black marble limited edition will also be available!

These two heralds of a mystical & imaginative trip-hop are back with a new jewel of experimental dark pop mixed with a very personnal blend of 90’s infused R’n’B.

Yeah, you read that right. R’n’ fuckin’B. Yes, like TLC R’n’B, like Justin Timberlake R’n’B. Because, you know, why the fuck not? We’re really not an extreme metal only label . Oh no… We’re more the « good music only » kind of guys, but you already knew that…

During the last two years, the band has collaborated with freaking awesome producer REMOVE in order to give birth to this new masterpiece and the man has clearly turned the band into something new. Of course there still is a main trip-hop frame to their art, but their music now incorporates a lot more diverse influences. In addition to the R’n’B touches here and there,  you’ll find some nasty trap beats, stunning dark pop chorus as well as the more folky side you already loved on 1st album « SoL ». We will not lie to you, the production job on this album is nothing less than mind blowing and we cannot wait to share these songs with you!

We’ll stream a first single/videoclip called « Neptune »  on September the 30th, so keep your eyes & ears ready!

This single is available for preorder/presave on all digital  platforms HERE.

In the meantime, why don’t you go listen to the band previous album on their BANDCAMP?

Or SPOTIFY maybe?
Or you can watch their videos on YOUTUBE
Or visit their lovely WEBSITE
Or like them on FACEBOOK
Or follow their INSTAGRAM



Their 1st album is still available on black wax right HERE too.

So stay tuned, dear music lovers!

Take care!


P.S. Someone is telling me that one of the songs on « AiR » has Kehlvin’s singer as a special guest. The little voice is also telling me that said Kehlvin is almost done with the mixing of their new album and that it sounds devastating & that it should be released during Spring 2021. And finally, it seems that the second release we’re going to put out before 2020’s end is a monster of Grind/Black Metal which will obliterate absolutely everything on its way.

Happy release day to NEIGE MORTE!

Today sees the birth of Neige Morte’s 4th baby, simply called « IIII »

The infant is ugly as fuck, dissonant, complex & totally devastating. Honestly, by the smell, he was probably dead for weeks in its mother womb, but, you know, who cares?

This new deviant music masterpiece,  displaying a band which has got ridden of all shackles inherent to black, death or math metal, is available under the form of a simple, elegant, black vinyl engraved at 45 RPM for maximum effect.



The album is of course available on all digital platforms. So help yourself!

Here the SPOTIFY link
Their BANDCAMP for stream & digital download
and the Band’s FACEBOOK if you want to say hi

Hail Satan.


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