Here we are: SXOKONDO absolute beast of an album is out now! Available on vinyl, cd digipack, tape & digital. Order right HERE! Nice bundles with band merch are still available as well. Don’t sleep on it!

You can stream « Altered Ego » on all digital platforms, just click HERE. You can also pay a visiti to the band’s BANDCAMP to stream/download it, don’t be shy!

On this first album, their ferocious & vicious HxC is intoxicating just as masterpieces of this kind always are! Relentless, chaotic, agressive & pummeling in mysterious ways, this band has it all! You don’t want to miss this, let me tell you! If you’re into bands that merge chaotic HxC, metal & crust, this is just what you need! FFO: Cursed, Rise & Fall, Converge & Botch.

Release parties tonight & tomorrow, in Neuchâtel & Bulle, don’t miss them.