Mighty Swiss Rockers CHARLES IN THE KITCHEN present their new ep « THE FIFTH MECHANISM ».

Today is a day to remember as we proudly release our first tape in the label history. What better band to usher this old school media than our favorite rockers from Charles in the Kitchen? None, of course!

This new ep is a wild collection of 5 dynamic & straight forward songs, each one with its strong identity & very personnal feeling! The limited tape edition can be ordered HERE. It can also be downloaded for free just HERE, so help yourselves! The record is of course available on every goddamn digital plateform, including Itunes Music, Spotify, Deezer & tones of other, no excuses! But you should buy a tape. Because, you know, it’s FUN. And if you still have a tape player, hope it’s an autoreverse because each face contains the 5 songs, you can let it play FOREVER

The band juste released an awesome video for the title « The Boy & the Girl ».

Also, tonight we celebrate this new release at our headquarters with an exclusive showcase, come shake your booty & have drinks with us!

The band will perform many shows in Switzerland this summer & next fall, some of them have already been announced. As the band is a magnificent killing live machine, we strongly recommend you go verify this by yourselves!



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