The great collaboration that gathers Aaron Beam and John Sherman from heavy-rock heroes RED FANG together with Louis Jucker and Luc Hess (ex-The Ocean Collective, Coilguns, The Fawn) from Swiss noise rock outfit KUNZ will soon be on your record player.

We won’t tell you once again who’s RED FANG, and how John Sherman’s powerful drumming or Aaron Beam distinctive vocal tone make this band the most exciting rock ‘n’ roll outfit on our planet. You already know it all, everyone loves them. But you’d probably need to be refreshed aboutKUNZ, a very rare and mysterious incarnation of two musicians that you’ve certainly heard in some of your favorite bands: Coilguns, The Ocean Collective, The Fawn, and many more.

Kunz is the nickname Louis Jucker and Luc Hess gave to their very own and most intimate project. « This feels more like a brotherhood than an actual band » claims Jucker « Kunz allows us to be exactly ourselves and to share it with whoever we want, whenever we like. There is no concept, no artwork, no program: it is just us. We’re changing all the time, we’re free, we play loud music and we’re always having fun doing what we do. »