Neige Morte is the meeting of two musicians from Lyon wishing to put in practice their love for the rawest & dirtiest black metal.

Becoming a trio with the arrival of a singer, Neige Morte releases a first untitled album in 2010 on Aurora Borealis and then participated in a split vinyl with The Austrasian Goat (released in 2011 on MusicFearSatan). Two discs whose destructive simplicity and archaic sound go perfectly with this notion of pure hatred that the band wish to display.

“Bicephaale”, Neige Morte’s second album, is published on the Belgian label Consouling Sounds. More than ever, Neige Morte’s music reeks of graveyard & putrescence, rejecting any idea of compromise, thus becoming a deviant machine of flesh and blood.

In 2016, Neige Morte loses its singer, recruits a bassist, and passes the growls to the guitarist. At the end of their last Russian tour, the new trio records “TRINNNT”. This third album explores the same anxieties with a more death metal approach, assuming hypnotic and repetitive ideas that ultimately lead to total annihilation. Lp to be released on December the 15th through Division Records, Dullest Records and Grains of Sand Records. Cd on Consouling Sounds.