Neige Morte is born in Lyon with the desire to dispense the rawest & dirtiest black metal. The band soon records its first untitled album and a split vinyl with The Austrasian Goat. These two first offerings display a destructive simplicity and an archaic sound that go perfectly with the band’s pure hatred. On the 2nd album, “Bicephaale”, the music reeks even more of graveyard & putrescence, rejecting any idea of compromise. In 2016, the band loses its singer, hires a bass player and the guitarist takes on the vocal duty. The trio then records “TRINNNT” whilst touring in Russia. This 3rd album explores the same anxieties with a more death metal approach, assuming hypnotic and repetitive ideas that ultimately lead to total annihilation.

After numerous tours across Europe, setting fire to absolutely every single stage they’ve played on, the band returns in 2020 with a new beast simply called “IIII ». Still pushing the known boundaries of black and death metal, this 4th album shows a band at the top of its filthy & gloomy art.