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KØDE in the Division Records family!

After a short break to enjoy a little bit of sun during this summer, we’re thrilled to get back to work for this second part of the year! We’ve 3 releases planned by the end of 2019, so we better get started with this first one!

KØDE is a band born in Lausanne a few years ago under the impulsion of Saskia (you might know her since she was part of The Chikitas). After a first EP released through our brothers at Cold Smoke Records, the band is now ready to release it’s first album Discrete Transformation via our small structure, and we couldn’t be more happy about that! Read the whole biography HERE.

The music displayed on Discrete Transformation is very personnal but also reminds of styles we’ve always liked here, at the Division Cartel. There are noise rock/grunge influences in there, as well as deep slowcore stuff. It’s also very rocky, even punky and somethime gloomy. Well, you’ll have to make an idea for yourself, I guess! The album will see the light on October the 18th & we’ll throw a huge release party the next day in Lausanne @ L’Espace Autogéré in order to celebrate properly!

The album comes in a delicious black vinyl with reverse printed cover & the cd is a pretty digisleeve with a 24 pages poster folded insert. It’ll of course also be available in digital.

Because one release party is not enough, we’ve also invited KØDE to our 8th VENDREDIVISION where they will exclusively present their new songs especially for you, lucky bastards! It’ll take place on September the 20th and we’ll offer the champagne! Be there early!


We’ll of course unveil some music very soon, stay tuned! In the meantime, why don’t go greeting our new band on their social media?

Say hello on FACEBOOK
Listen to their previous EP on BANDCAMP
Watch them on YOUTUBE



Charles in the Kitchen on TAPE!!!

Mighty Swiss Rockers CHARLES IN THE KITCHEN present their new ep « THE FIFTH MECHANISM ».

Today is a day to remember as we proudly release our first tape in the label history. What better band to usher this old school media than our favorite rockers from Charles in the Kitchen? None, of course!

This new ep is a wild collection of 5 dynamic & straight forward songs, each one with its strong identity & very personnal feeling! The limited tape edition can be ordered HERE. It can also be downloaded for free just HERE, so help yourselves! The record is of course available on every goddamn digital plateform, including Itunes Music, Spotify, Deezer & tones of other, no excuses! But you should buy a tape. Because, you know, it’s FUN. And if you still have a tape player, hope it’s an autoreverse because each face contains the 5 songs, you can let it play FOREVER

The band juste released an awesome video for the title « The Boy & the Girl ».

Also, tonight we celebrate this new release at our headquarters with an exclusive showcase, come shake your booty & have drinks with us!

The band will perform many shows in Switzerland this summer & next fall, some of them have already been announced. As the band is a magnificent killing live machine, we strongly recommend you go verify this by yourselves!



Visit their WEBSITE
Stream/download their music on BANDCAMP
Listen on MX3
Say hello on FACEBOOK
Watch their incredible videos on YOUTUBE



New ep for Charles in the Kitchen

We’re thrilled to announce that our third release for this year will be an awesome 5 tracks ep from our favorite modern rockers CHARLES IN THE KITCHEN.

« THE FIFTH MECHANISM » will be physically released exclusively on… TAPE! Yeah, you got it right, we’re diving in the « retro hipster shitty magnetic tape » market and we couldn’t be prouder! It’s been a while that we were thinking about releasing our first tape and it will thus be done on May the 24th!

Here is the front cover:

Still raging with its unique modern rock tones, the band is here at its sharpest with the aim to offer 5 glorious tracks, each one with it’s own proper sound & taste. This is crazy sexy rock at its very best!

In order to celebrate, we’re throwing a huge party at our headquarters for the release day! Expect  free champagne & petits fours if you come early! Vendredivision#7 will be all about the CHARLES, SEXY ROCK & BUBBLY WINE, you clearly dont want to miss that!



1st excerpt soon! Stay tuned!

Bunkr release day!

The cat is finally out of the box: Today is the official release of BUNKR’s first album « Schluss »

« The style is quite difficult to define, but on this album we find a good math rock base, a more angular noise rock sound and the sweet purring of stoner with a touch of psychedelic rock. These guys embody a certain idea of eclecticism, since they confess to adore both techno and JAAAZZZZZ as well as d-beat hardcore… Schluss thus deploys his personality in several distinct parts, and rhythmically it plays with odd times signatures, in addition to the conventional 4/4, to create disturbing and haunting grooves. In the end, this album forms a 45-minute soundscape reminiscent of some of the Impressionist or Pointillist paintings, but that does not really matter, as long as you can shake your head… »

The album is released in coproduction with our friends from COLDSMOKE RECORDS and can be found in every good records store, as well as on every streaming plateform.

Order your copy on vinyl (limited blue colored still availabale) HERE.
Stream & Free download HERE.
Say hello on FACEBOOK.

The release party will take place tomorrow @ BIKINI TEST & starts at 14:00 with a market full of local artisans as well as many great labels (Hummus, Vituve, Burning Sounds, Cold Smoke…). There will be food & beers, don’t be shy!

Bunkr next shows:

30.03.19 Bikini Test – La Chaux-de-Fonds, w/Fat Wang & Korto – Release party
17.04.19 Le Romandie – Lausanne, w/Lane
20.04.19 Nouveau Monde – Fribourg, w/ HEX & Ølten
10.05.19 SAS – Delémont,
11.05.19 Bout du Monde – Vevey
23.05.19 Espace 032 – Neuchâtel – Showcase

Euclidean first album out today!

The beast is finally here!

EUCLIDEAN first masterpiece, Quod Erat Faciendum is out today and available in every good record shop!


This album displays epic landscapes made of telluric post metal mixed with huge amount of black metal atmosphere. It’s an unique journey that our Swiss fellows are sharing with us! It is released in a gorgeous double black vinyl and comes in a double silkscreen jacket. Everything has been realised by the band’s own hands and their graphic artist. The result is beyond expectation and is the perfect envelope for such an amazing record. Every copy is hand numbered. Limited to 300 copies. We had a crazy amount of preorder, so don’t sleep on it!



Order a copy HERE.

Listen & download HERE

Say hello to the band on FACEBOOK

Year end lists!!

Like every year the Division Team share with you their favorite music & live shows of 2018.


When I asked Samuel why his list had only 5 records and 1 live show, here was his answer: « Dude, that’s the list of a man whose last little free time is spent smoking weed and playing video games. »  Well, ok!


1. Clutch – Book of Bad Decision

2. Hangman’s Chair – Banlieue Triste
3. ASG – Survive Sunrise
4. Jedi Mind Tricks -The Bridge And The Abyss
5. Logic – YSIV


1. Coilguns – Vendredivison#5




1. Altin Gün – On

2. Fukpig – Bastards
3. Feu! Chatterton – L’Oiseleur
4. Thou – Magus
5. Coilguns – Millennials
6. A Perfect Circle – Eat The Elephant
7. Interpol – Marauder
8. Darius – Clôture
9. Los Orioles – Zumbia Yéyé
10. Charles In The Kitchen & Them Stones – Stones In The Kitchen


1. Nick Cave – Montreux Jazz Festival
2. Nine Inch Nails – Les Eurockéennes de Belfort
3. Coilguns – Cully Jazz Festival
4. Thou – Les Docks Lausanne
5. Queens of the Stone Age – Les Eurockéennes de Belfort
6. Unsane – Rock Altitude Festival Le Locle
7. Ibeyi – Les Docks Lausanne
8. Louis Schild – Théâtre du 2.21 Lausanne
9. Charles in the Kitchen versus Papertank – VendreDivision #3 La Chaux-de-Fonds
10. Mammút – Rock Altitude Festival Le Locle




1. Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals – Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue (Phil does it better than you)

2. Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer (Jeeeeez, that girl)
3. Anna Von Hausswolff – Dead Magic (And yeah, this one, in a very different style)
4. The Armed – Only Love (Well, it’s all in the title…)
5. A Perfect Circle – Eat the Elephant (I just can’t get enough of Maynard voice)
6. Thou – Magus (This is a hell of an album)
7. Pig Destroyer – Head Cage (If you can’t understand this masterpiece, smth in very wrong with you)
8. Alice in Chains – Rainierfog (These guys always deliver)
9. Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods (A really unexpected comeback…)
10. Lucifer – II (I don’t know why this album made such a strong impression on me… It’s soooo classic, but it did, so fuck it, it made my list)

Not so far behind:

King Dude,  Interpol, Windhand, Dödsrit, Will Haven, Emilie Zoé, Emma Ruth Rundle, Eminem, Panopticon, Deadbird, Hate Eternal, Vinnie Paz, Fukpig, Gillian Carter, Yob, Sleep, Yellow Eyes, Funeral Mist, Coilguns, HEX


1. The Melvins – Dachstock, Bern
2. EMA – Sedel, Lucerne
3. Myrkur – Docks, Lausanne
4. Chiens – Dachstock, Berne
5. Neige Morte – Toxoplasmose, St-Imier
6. King Dude – Caves du Manoir, Martigny
7. Sleep – Bad Bonn, Dudingen
8. Wolves in the Throne Room – Docks, Lausanne
9. Ken Mode – Romandie, Lausanne
10. Unsane – Rock Altitude Festival, Le Locle

And see you next year for tons of new music!
Happy new year!

Math-rock freaks BUNKR join the Division Family

It’s a tremendous honor to welcome the crazy math-rockers from BUNKR in our roster!

Bunkr was born in 2014 with the desire of 2 Swiss musicians to get out of their comfort zone. They set the course for the creation of seismic, noisy, hypnotic sounds and the use of unconventional musical structures. Exploration and experimentation are thus on the agenda for Iannis and Kevin, self-taught musicians, who have been playing together since 2011. According to Jonathan Nido (Coilguns / Closet Disco Queen): « Another duo of fools composed of Iannis « musclor » Valgini on drums and Kevin « unctuous match » with his guitar sound as thick as its pornographic hair. It obviously has nothing to do with the talent as much as with Iannis’ delicious harm pit’s smell. It is sure they are memorable on stage, but it’s also hard to say exactly what they are doing, there is guitar, drums and it’s great! « 

Their first album, named Schluss, will be out on March the 29th and we’re more than happy to collaborate for the first time with our good friends from COLD SMOKE RECORDS for this new release! If you’re not familiar with this huge label, don’t forget to check their website & bandcamp as they have tons of great artists  in their roster!

The band will throw a huge release party in La Chaux-de-Fonds’ BIKINI TEST on March the 30th. More news soon to come about this!

We will unveil some music very soon, in the meantime, you can say hello to our new foals through their FACEBOOK.



Hi beloved audience!

A small word about our XMAS SALES starting today and lasting ’til the end of December! As we need space for the new releases to come in 2019, we throw a huge deal right in time for you to put some great records under your Christmas Tree : 50% on every order!

Just enter the code JESUSCRUST at checkout and the discount will apply automatically.


Coilguns @ Vendredivision#5

Cette fois on peut vous le dévoiler!!!

Le Vendredivision 5ème du nom se tiendra le 07 décembre et aura l’honneur d’accueillir les sémillants COILGUNS pour une soirée de douce folie! Les 4 lascars seront tout juste rentrés de leur tournée européenne en compagnie de Ken Mode et Birds in Row, autant vous dire qu’ils seront chauds bouillants et légèrement en mesure de tout dévaster, pour ensuite ne rien reconstruire.

Finir l’année avec ce groupe totalement emblématique de notre si beau canton (hum…) est pour nous une véritable joie tant qu’un immense honneur!

Et on ne participera pas au ramassage de dents qui découlera de leur prestation massive et électrique!

A bientôt!

Euclidean join Division Records & announce epic release party with Darkspace

So, last week we were telling you via Facebook that 2019 will be full of new music, so let’s begin, shall we?

First record of this new year of madness will be EUCLIDEAN first album finally getting a proper release!

Euclidean deploy a progressive Black metal that focuses on the creation of bitter and somber feelings, breeding black, hypnotic atmospheres, enriched with doom and sludge metal rhythms. Their first album, Quod Erat Faciendum, has been carefully crafted by their expert hands and after a digital release last year, it’s time to give it a real physicall birth.

We’ll collaborate with the band’s own label, Arythmos Records , to release a magnificent double LP of this beast of an album. We’ll give you all the details soon, but expect a very particular object!

The release date has been set to February the 9th.

In order to celebrate properly, the band has just announced an epic release party with DARKSPACE.

Yes, you’ve red that correctly. DARK fuckin’ SPACE!!!

This not-to-be-missed night will take place in Neuchâtel’s Case-à-Chocs on February the 2nd. We will of course be there with all our records! Come have a beer!



Listen to their music on BANDCAMP

More exciting news soon to come!

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