Dear audience,

We are happy to announce the release of DIRGE’s posthumous compilation VANISHING POINT, a retrospective collection of unreleased and rarities spanning from 1995 to 2020.

The 15 non-album tracks which constitute the corpus of VANISHING POINT traces the sonic evolution of the band by revisiting every period, every record, every line-up through previously unpublished material (albums outtakes, special recordings, remixes) and hard-to-find pieces (demos, bonus tracks, compilation appearances). In addition to this extensive compendium you’ll be thrilled to discover « Spiraling Skywards », a performance captured in Paris in 2005, first and sole live document in DIRGE’s discography.

This compilation is the ultimate tribute from the French Godfathers of European Post Metal: Almost three hours of music presented as a gorgeous triple CD digisleeve with  a 16 pages liner notes booklet. All the songs have benefit from the mix, restoration and mastering work of Raphaël Bovey (Dirge, Rorcal, Gojira & many more).

This release is stricly limited to 300 copies worldwide.

The physical and digital version of VANISHING POINT shall be released on March the 26th in collaboration with DIRGE’s own label, Blight Records.

Full details (complete and in-depth tracklist, artwork, preorder date and more) shall be unveiled shortly.

Stay tuned