Happy New Year to You, dear Music Lovers!

It has been quite a challenging time for a lot of people, and you can easily guess that for the indie music world, it was also quite hard… With the total unability to organize our well known Vendredivision, our income has fall drastically during 2020. But we’re not dead yet and we even have been able to put out 5 releases this year, yay!

We would like to thank all the people that have supported us , especially the ones who have bought the releases from our magnificent artists!

We also would like to thank said artists to have had faith in us through these difficult times.

Very nice things are coming together for 2021, more news very soon!

In the meantime, the 3 from hell (yeah, we’re three dumb asses running this label, if you didn’t know) would like to share their musical highlights of 2021, so here we go:

Samuel (He sent me a 3×3 top of the year, god knows why….!)

1. Deftones – Ohms

2. Lowrider – Refractions
3. Pearl jam – Gigaton

1. Nepal – Adios Bahamas

2. Freeze Corleone – LMf
3. Damso – QALF

1. Run the Jewels – RTJ4

2. Connway the machine – FKTG
3. Denzel Curry – Unlocked

Julien (He sent…  an 11 records list. These guys just NEVER do what they’re being told…!)

1. Oranssi Pazuzu – Mestarin Kynsi

2. Emma Ruth Rundle/Thou – May Our Chambers Be Full
3. Icare – Khaos
4. Diva – Air
5. Deftones – Ohms
6. Action Bronson – Only for Dolphins
7. Neige Morte – IIII
8. Sxokondo – s/t
9. Heads. – Push
10. Charlelie Couture – Trésors cachés et Perles rares
11. Metz – Atlas Vending

Yonni ( That’s me. Top 18. I suck. Phil Anselmo 4 Life.)

1. En Minor – When The Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome

2. Pantera – Reinventing The Steel 20th anniversary reedition
3. Deftones – Ohms
4. Envy – The Fallen Crimson
5. Wake – Devouring Ruin
6. Akhlys – Melinoe
7. Ils – Curse
8. Napalm Death – Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism
9. Pallbearer – Forgotten days
10. Eminem – Music To Be Murdered By
12. Icare – Khaos
13. Necrot – Mortal
14. A.A. Williams – Forever Blue
15. Steve von Till – No Wilderness Deep Enough
16. Diesel Machine – Evolve
17. Thou & Emma Ruth Rundle – May Our Chamber Be Full
18. Terminal Nation – Holocene Extinction


We wish you all the best, even if we know that everything will mostly suck.