Have you ever seen a wild boar pedaling a military bike with a couple of microphones sticking out of its arse? This is the kind of sight that can occasionally be witnessed in the forests of the Watch Valley, where these guys are from. As the distillery blows up, it’s loud as hell, it digs trenches in the road, pulverising dry leaves. This is the kind of image that depicts Ølten the best. They draw a kind of animalistic pleasure out of hitting hard and poking their snouts into the audience’s stomach. The worst part is that it actually works! With titles straight out of the Ikea catalogue (“Mamü”, “Tallülar”, “Ogna”…), Ølten shakes you by the neck (slowly but surely) and shows you which animal hides within the prison of your ribs – bear, ram or duckling. Waking up your instinct, that’s what Ølten do best.